Autodesk Editorial Style Guide

One source, one voice

Welcome to the Autodesk Editorial Style Guide, a single, universal guide to help us speak with one voice across the company. It’s your main resource for all customer-facing content—from marketing campaigns to support articles to learning content.

How to use the style guide

Use the Editorial Style Guide as your first reference for punctuation, grammar, word choice, numbers, branded terms, trademarks, and so on. Note that we use American English spelling and punctuation.

  • For style issues not covered here, see The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. All Autodeskers enjoy free subscription access to CMOS; simply make sure you’re logged in to the VPN (no username or password is required, as the VPN serves as your authentication).
  • For spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation not covered here, use the first-listed spelling in Merriam-Webster Online.

Content-specific style guides

Below the References section of the Editorial Style Guide are several subguides. These guides are based on the rules of the Editorial Style Guide:

Become familiar with the Editorial Style Guide first, and then use the subguides for additional guidance. If the title of an entry in a subguide is followed by an asterisk, it means that the rule is an exception or addition to the rule in the Editorial Style Guide.