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Branded terms and trademarks

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The proper names of the collections are:

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
  • Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
  • Media & Entertainment Collection

You can shorten Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection to AEC Collection on second reference. However, always spell out the other two collections; do not abbreviate them as D&M Collection or M&E Collection.

The collection names do not require a trademark symbol.

When referring to a collection generically (industry collection or collection), use lowercase. Uppercase collection only when using the proper name.

The industry collection includes both AutoCAD and Revit software.

The collection includes both AutoCAD and Revit software.

The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection includes both AutoCAD and Revit software.

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DWG is the name of Autodesk’s proprietary file format and technology used in AutoCAD software and related products. Because of the prominence of the DWG name in connection with AutoCAD-based products, and the considerable marketing and sales of AutoCAD products over the years, the DWG name has come to be closely associated with Autodesk.

DWG is an Autodesk trademark. Follow these guidelines when using the trademark symbol for DWG:

Include the trademark symbol (™) in the first instance of DWG in the body copy (not headline) on a page, and use the appropriate symbol (™ or ®) when DWG is incorporated into an Autodesk brand name:

  • DWG™
  • DWGX™
  • DWG Extreme™
  • DWG TrueView™
  • DWG TrueConvert™
  • TrustedDWG™
  • RealDWG®

Note: DWG TrueConnect is not a trademarked term and should not have a symbol.

Learn more about DWG.

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Product names*

Do not use internal abbreviations

Always use correct product names.

NO: Max

YES: 3ds Max

See the list of commonly referenced Autodesk products and services.

Third-party products or names

Do not include trademark symbols for third-party products or names.

See rules about trademarked Autodesk product names under Trademarks.

For use of Autodesk in product names on the web, see Product names in the Web Editorial Style Guide.

*Writing for the web? See additional guidance in the Web Editorial Style Guide.

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Product suites

Do not use an article with suite names.

NO: AutoCAD LT software is part of the Inventor LT Suite.

YES: AutoCAD LT software is part of Inventor LT Suite.

Suites do not require trademarks or noun phrases.

Drop Autodesk from the suite name in all instances on Autodesk.com.

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Program names

For Autodesk-branded programs, retain Autodesk in the name.

Autodesk University

Autodesk Consulting

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Most of our product names are trademarked. To see if a product is trademarked, check these lists:

Autodesk trademarks

Commonly referenced Autodesk products and services

Treat trademarked product names as adjectives

  • Use software, app, service, or another appropriate noun or product noun phrase after the product name on first reference. After that, try to use software or another noun occasionally throughout the copy.

NO: Use the dimensioning features in AutoCAD.

YES: Use the dimensioning features in AutoCAD software.

YES: Use the dimensioning features in AutoCAD design and documentation software.

  • For a short page, one mention in body copy is sufficient. For longer pages we recommend several reminders, depending on how many times the product name is used.
  • Do not automatically put the noun software after every product name—not all products are software.

See the list of suggested product noun phrases (access required).

Do not use trademarked names as possessives

Use software or another appropriate noun after the product name, or turn the possessive into an adjective.

NO: AutoCAD’s feature set

YES: AutoCAD software’s feature set

YES: The AutoCAD feature set

However, we can use Autodesk as a possessive since it’s our trade name, and is treated as a noun.

Autodesk’s business strategy

See also the following trademark information:

Legal Marketing Toolkit — trademarks - Official guidelines for using Autodesk trademarks (access required).

*Writing for the web? See additional guidance in the Web Editorial Style Guide.

See also DWG.

See also Product names.

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